Johnboy and his 1975 Caprice Convertible "Silent Killer Uncle"

Team Silent Killer

My name is John Tyler AKA Johnboy. I was born and raised in Boyle, Mississippi and then moved to Dallas, Texas in 2003. The first car I built to race was a 1987 Monte Carlo SS. That was built to race on slicks until I received a phone call from CEO Larri and he told me about this event in Memphis, TN. I was invited to my first big rim grudge race on rims by KJ (Kendrick Johnson) for the TrackMania event in 2017 against DonkMaster. I ended up losing the race with DonkMaster because I blew my wheels off my car from breaking all 10 of my wheel studs off at the same time. That night the video went viral. 

With the love for racing, I rebuilt my car and started racing big rims back in Texas. No more slicks! With the knowledge I have for racing I became the fastest guy in Texas on big rims to where I got the attention from some big rim guys like Donkmaster, Big Lo, Bruce, Bluemagic, and a lot more big rim racers. I started calling a lot of guys out in Florida about racing but they never gave me a chance because I had a Monte Carlo SS on 24s and everybody was racing donks 71-76 caprice. With the passion for racing on big rims I reached out to Donkmaster and he told me that I needed to get in contact with these promoters after getting booked for different events.

I started building another car and named it Silent Killer Cuzin. I quickly put Silent Killer Cuzin in the big rim racing world with a record of 1-23 races until I ended up getting t-boned while sitting at a stop light. With big rim racing in my body I decided to put my 1975 Caprice together and race it so the race world would have not a problem with me racing. My 1975 Caprice convertible is named Silent Killer Uncle and is powered by a LS with nitrous to slowly but surely take on all of the big rim names in the racing world.